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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bizcard?

A Bizcard is a digital business card that can be used to provide your Business and brand information to Contacts, Leads, and Clients. Instead of handing out physical cards that contain limited information, you can provide a link to your Bizcard page that contains as much contact information as you wish to share.

How do I provide my Bizcard details?

Upon purchase confirmation, you can submit your Bizcard details here:

Can I use a Bizcard if don't have a business?

Absolutely!  You can share any information you choose.  You can save several minutes by exchanging even the most basic contact information (i.e. Name, Phone, Email, and social media usernames).

I don't have a website yet. Can you help?

Absolutely!  Contact and we’ll get you set up in no time.

What if my preferred domain isn't available?

No worries, we will work with you to find the closest match. You may need to choose a .biz vs .com or firstname_mi_lastname .com, etc. We’ll work it out 🙂

How do I update my Bizcard?

We love to see our Clients grow and try new endeavors.  When that happens, just contact us at with your new information and we’ll apply your updates dynamically.

Can I use my Bizcard for multiple businesses?

Yes!  Your Bizcard can contain a link button for each of your brands. So get your startup on, and on, and on, you get the idea).

What's the difference between Standard and Bizcard Plus?

The Standard Bizcard and Bizcard Plus both perform the same and can contain the same types of information.  The difference is in the link that will be used to access your Bizcard.

For a Standard Bizcard, your link will be in the form of “mybizcard .io/yourname”.  Bizcard Plus cards come with a custom domain name that is mapped to your Bizcard (i.e. yourname .com).

Is there an annual fee for the custom domain name?

Yes.  Domain registration fees are billed annually at $20. You will receive a recurring invoice from Tucker Media.

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